The BK Field of expertise is in Barbecue AL-HAAJ BUNDOO KHAN IS BASICALLY A BARBECUE FOOD RESTAURANT.If YOU want to know the original Bundoo khan’s just make sure they only sell thier particular barbecue food others are fake and you can even feel the difference.they have been serving thier hot spicy grilled or skewed particular items of barbecue to the nations and nation wide.
thier food include :


Chicken Tikka is a delicious dish .It had been introduce by Bundoo khan’s in 1960 and became the speciality.For this fresh and healthy chicken has been deliver to the restaurant,The workers then make its different pieces and marinated with the masala’s .The masala is mix according to the chef recipes which is BK speciality.Then it has been cook with grills or skewers on coals with some oil.its a high protien ,healthy and dietful dish delicious and unique in taste. YOU can order either chicken chest piece or leg piece .


There are two categories of kababs. chicken kabab and mutton kabab, kababs cook with grills on hot flame. The Kabab has been love by people all over the world. Kabab is required mince meat which has been deliver to the restaurant.The chef mixes the masala thier own special kabab masala. After marination they have been skewed and according to customer order then freshly tasty kababs are peoples most favourite.

3 Behari

The third most famous BK item is behari .behari is the item that attracts the customers mostly.This is also the item introduced by Mr Bundoo khan in 1985 with the name PASANDA KABAB later known as BEHARI KABAB.people get surpries when they come to know that behari is also grilled on skewers and cook on coals ,they even come to the kitchen specially female to check the process of behari making and really glad to know abt it . Because it is so delicate and soft .

4 Chicken Boti

A variety of boti’s are available in Bk. Chicken is cut into several pieces and then mixes according recipes.They skewed and order is place after cook on flame of coal according to the demand.


Paratha is made with white flour in desi ghee.Only people Belong to the family cook paratha as it is the spectacular item. customers love to eat paratha with barbecue .They even love to eat paratha with halwa only, it creates a marvellous taste you cant find anywhere.


Fish for the win! Bundoo khan  bringing the best grilled fish in town. Try out and fall in love with the majestic taste.


HALWA is the desert made with suji(semolina) cooked in desi ghee has its own remarkable taste .It is the most favourite and desirable and Healthy desert for children and elders. The combination of halwa and paratha is the weakness of BK admirers.


CHATNI is the special sauce made with tamarind and green masala. It is also the special and demandable item of BK. Digestive and Healthy. The customers even eat bowls of this chatni until their order is place. It works like an appetizer and it has a unique taste which you can never find anywhere else. The Women demands for sauce specially. Although these are the expert field of Bundoo Khan’s still there some more items in the menu like salads, nan, roti, soft drinks etc.