Introduction (1948)

AL-HAAJ BUNDOO KHAN needs no introduction as its the most favourite and old chain of bar-b-que restaurant of pakistan serving people nationally and internationally since 1948.we much get aware of the history when we read the exclusive interview of MR Al-Haaj Bundoo Khan.

MR AL-HAAJ BUNDOO KHAN started his business at very small scale in karachi after the partition of sub-continent, when he migrated to pakistan. at that time there is only kababs and pratha’s were introduced, But later on menu had been improvised with other particular items
which became the recognition of Bundoo Khan’s .

whenever one talk about bar-b-que ,the only answer is Bundoo khan’s he (Mr Al-haaj bundoo khan) faced lots of problems at that time but he never stopped trying and keep struggling for the betterment. he sold his food at different parts of karachi and people started noticing the uniqueness and freshness of taste. People of all the professions like to have this wonderful meal as it was the best healthy food with the rate anybody could pay. After all he got the fruit for his hard work and laid the foundation of AL-HAAJ bundoo khan’s M.A Jinaah road karachi.

AL-HAAJ BUNDOO KHAN (M.A Jinnah Road , Karachi.) (1957)

The complete and first restaurant of BK which had been established in Karachi is at m.a jinnah road in 1957. this time BK was at its peak and so is now.It had been liked by each and everyone in Pakistan. People were crazy about Bk .MR LIAUQAT ALI KHAN and his wife are the first respectable and famous fans of BK food.

Won Gold Medal

The smoke and the fragrance of the food preparing in front of your eyes relish you to enjoy this extra ordinary meal. soon the fame of this hot and spicy smoky bar-b-que increased and the owner participated in international exhibition and won the gold medal as a best seller in the field of restaurant in 1964 ,this gave Bk a name of Pakistani bar-b-que which created the name and fame of Bk across borders.

Introducing New Food Recipes (1960)

in 1960 chicken tikka had been invented by MR AL_HAAJ Bundoo khan and became the BK speciality. AL-HAAJ Bundoo khan never compromise with his taste and quality perhaps thats the reason of his fame and prosperity which never broke the trust of his customers in the life of Mr Bundoo khan. Besides the taste and quality its the humble nature of AL_haaj Bundoo Khan thats create the magic in the environment.

more over they kept on taking part in different international fares or exhibitions which provided the opportunity to enhance the taste and increased the demand. gradually the circle of customers also 1985 pasanda kabab later known as BEHARI kabab is also one of the surprising and fantabulously delicious recipe of BK loved by majority. BUT in 1987 the owner and the founder of Al-Haaj Bundoo Khan ,the thin beared ,sophisticated man Mr AL-Haaj Bundoo khan left his family alone and died.

Hard work continues (1995)

After this his sons worked hard(are still working) and tried their best to fulfill the dream of their father to maintain and improvise the classic taste and quality . when the family grew and demand increased a lot then the owners then thought to extend the branches of Bundoo khan at variuos level. after that in 1992 the Bk had opened his new branch at sindhi muslim society.The people had appreciated this step alot and adviced them to open more branches not in Karachi but across Karachi too in other cities of pakistan.

Faisalabad Branch

So in 1995 MR ghulam rasool Bundoo khan the son of MR Al-Haaj Bundoo khan opened his restaurant in Faisalabad. The entire setup is running very successfully .

More Expansion

in 1998 another branch of Bk is opened in GULSHAN-E-IQBAL at Karachi according to people demand. in 2001 one more branch is opened in sohrab got Karachi. Similarly to keep in mind the problem of traffic in Karachi another to more branches is opened in DHA and north nazimabad. still they are planning to increase and extend the branches of Bk both nationally and internationally.

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